A Tokyo, Un homme balade dans une poussette son chien, ©Anouk Ait Ouadda
A Tokyo, les chiens se baladent en poussette, ©Anouk Ait Ouadda

Tokyo : no more leashes, dogs are walked in strollers

When wandering in Tokyo, it is not uncommon to see people walking their dogs in a bassinet. 

To be « trendy », Tokyoites adopt the « baby » style to walk their furry companions. Pushing the metaphor of the pet as a substitute for a child to the limit, Japanese people no longer take detours: their little animals are their children and they treat them as such, up to public spaces. With a number of 14 billions children in Japan, dogs were reaching the number 7 billion in 2022 !

In Japan dogs are considered as full family members and treated as such ! ©anoukaitouadda

The increasing number of households in Japan with pets and no children results from birthrate decline and aging population. It is, therefore, not uncommon to see very serious gentlemen walking their tiny dog in lolita-looking strollers.

Whether in a pram, under the arm or in a handbag, the dogs of Tokyo do not walk for fear of dirtying their beautiful pads ! And if they waddle on the ground, it is with a nice diaper on their butt that they do so.

gentlemen walking their tiny dog in lolita-looking strollers.©anoukaitouadda
gentlemen walking their tiny dog in lolita-looking strollers.

More than a trend, a life style

Dogs are numerous in Tokyo but few exceed 15 cm in height, because the fashion in Japan is to have a miniature dog. Due to the crowded environment, people living in Tokyo often go for small dog bread such as chihuahua, miniature dachshunds and toy poodles, although the great favorite remains the Japanese Shiba. And in addition to being small, canines are always dressed up, depending on the season – let’s not forget the neck warmer to protect from the cold – and depending on the occasion – at the New Year period, we could see small dogs wearing the traditional kimono to go in full style celebrate the new year at the temple like their masters and mistresses. If humans do it, why couldn’t they ?

To each their own scarf and style, ©Anouk Ait Ouadda
To each their own scarf and style ©Anouk Ait Ouadda

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