Russians and the war

Alexa Doe
Julian Doe

The war against Ukraine is deepening the fracture in Russian public opinion. It’s making millions of Russians question their political beliefs and sense of national identity, and the 20 million Russians who live outside of Russia are no exception. I talked to some of these “in-betweens”, expatriated Russians who find themselves in the gray zones of Russian identity and belonging. I met Anna, Polina and many others who live in Europe or North America. Torn between life in a Western country and their ties in Russia, they cast on this war a unique gaze this podcast collects

Episode 1 – Anna’s fight against Russian disinformation – March 9th, 2022

Anna is 32 and she moved from Russia to France a year and a half ago. Her mom stayed behind. Now that the war is raging, Anna is both thankful for living in a free country and deeply worried for her mother, who is surrounded by disinformation and pro-war attitudes.

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