The Bat is back

The long awaited new Batman movie was finally released this month after being delayed twice because of the pandemic.

After Christopher Nolan’s incredible trilogy starring Christian Bale and Zack Snyder’s not so incredible Batman VS Superman with Ben Affleck, Matt Reeves’ newest addition to the DC universe was greatly anticipated. The perfect mix between a new story, a seducing cast and Gotham like we’ve never seen it before does the trick.

The risky three-hour-long movie offers a mix of old and new, almost giving it a nostalgic feel while staying true to the beloved characters of Alfred and Lieutenant Gordon. A deeper understanding of Cat Woman, a strong, independent woman, who doesn’t need a man is portrayed by the breathtaking Zoë Kravitz. Batman played by Robert Pattison is good but less convincing, his inscrutable face reminds us all too much of Edward Cullen, and the anti-social Bruce Wayne hits way too close to the vampire hiding from the sun. Nonetheless, all the elements that constitute a good superhero movie are present, through lots of different action scenes, entertaining visual effects, a memorable car chase with none other than the Batmobile and a terrifyingly cold-hearted villain played by Little Miss Sunshine’s Paul Dano.

The movie leaves the spectators with a chasm of opinions. Some say the movie was too long and should have ended 45 minutes before the final scene, while some are in awe at how much more could be explored regarding Batman’s universe. Others strongly believe that the scenario did a good job of demonstrating the dysfunctional side of Batman/Bruce Wayne. With a Tomatometer and an audience score average of 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, The Batman definitely wooed the DC fans. In any case, this movie is worth seeing if you enjoy the superhero-verse.

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