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Paris: 3Bis Bar X LazyBrunch, the recipe for a trendy bar

This game bar located in the parisian spot Bercy Village is already a hit! A month after its opening, the bar is already innovating with its new collaboration with LazyBrunch.

Have a seat! Can you smell the hot chocolate from here? And a salmon and avocado waffle burger? If there is anything left, you may be able to taste a French toast bun sprinkled with speculoos and a fresh fruit juice to top it all off.

This €35 brunch deal is available every weekend in the new trendy games bar, 3Bis. Designed by Juliette, founder of Lazybrunch, this formula is complemented by a 3-hour access to the numerous board games and arcade machines.

Games, food and drinks: a bar full of options

Established almost a month ago in Bercy Village (Paris), the 3Bis is open to all ages and to all those attracted by atmospheric and convivial games.

3bis offers a vast games area with more than 250 board games carefully chosen by the team. But the bar also includes six private lounges with immersive and neat decorations that will take you to different worlds for an evening with friends or colleagues for your best karaoke covers of Mariah Carey’s « All I want for Christmas is you », or « Burger Quizz » with more than 1600 questions written by the team!

Let’s come back to the food! 3Bis offers a variety of food boards, tapas, alcoholic and soft drinks every day. Juliette’s team goes to 3Bis’ kitchens to offer brunch on weekends.

Crédit photo: Sixtine Leppert

Profile of an unexpected businesswoman

Nothing predestined Juliette to become a business owner. In charge of a digital project in a bank, she quickly felt the need to start her own business. After two years of consideration, Covid and lockdowns pushed her to start: « It was now or never » she admitted. Her project started with brunch deliveries, and recently expanded with the opening of her new restaurant in Levallois (92), open every weekend.

Juliette knew she was going to work with the bar the moment the founders of 3Bis contacted her, barely six months after starting her activity. She had a good feeling about her LazyBrunch business and was immediately hooked on the idea of providing something new to a bar which was already known to be atypical.

But combining her activity in her restaurant in Levallois and managing the kitchens of 3Bis all at once is a real challenge for her: « it means having perfect logistics and two teams to manage ».

This also explains why she has chosen to reduce her menu to two savoury dishes and two sweet dishes for her brunch at 3Bis: « We have just opened and do not yet have enough flow to have an extended menu without making losses. I want these dishes to be perfectly executed at first before expanding the menu ».

A promising launch

Since the launch of their collaboration, early feedback from customers has been more than encouraging: « The first customers loved this moment of sharing between brunch and games. A real convivial moment to experience with friends, couples or family », Juliette said. Vincent, co-founder of 3Bis, adds: « LazyBrunch customers enjoy rediscovering brunch in a different context ».

For Juliette, this collaboration is already a success: « My first restaurant being located in Levallois, setting up at 3Bis allows me to capture a Parisian clientele and more particularly the south-east area where I was not present at all. I was pleasantly surprised to see that some customers close to Levallois also came to 3Bis to try out this new place and support this new project.

The challenge of offering activities for all in a new location And this collaboration has not finished making news! LazyBrunch and 3Bis will soon extend the Brunch formula to private rooms by launching the « karaoke-brunch ». So what are you waiting for to come to 3Bis?

Useful information:

41 rue des Pirogues, 75012 Paris

11am-2pm Monday to Saturday and 11am-00am on Sunday.

Official website of the 3Bis:

Official website of LazyBrunch:

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